Capitol Modern: The Hawaii State Art Museum


Capitol Modern exhibits offer insight into current themes and diverse expressions in the local art world through some of the best contemporary art from across Hawai‘i.

Current Exhibits

  • Gallery view of the "Accession" exhibit.

    Lē‘ahi Gallery


    Feb 10, 2023Feb 24, 2024

    A selection of recent additions to the collection offer an insight into current trends and themes in the local arts scene and provide an opportunity to see the diversity of works being created in Hawaiʻi today.

  • Annual Exhibit

    2024 Hawaiʻi Regional Scholastic Art Awards

    Feb 23, 2024Mar 23, 2024

    Experience Hawaiʻi through award-winning artworks by Hawaiʻi students grades 7-12 in this annual student exhibit. Over 100 artworks in the spacious ʻEwa Gallery.

Ongoing Exhibits

  • Special Exhibition

    The POD


    The Passion On Display gallery is a ground floor space that houses the Capitol Modern Artist-In-Residence program.

  • Sculpture Garden


    Our ground floor Sculpture Garden has been transformed from its beginnings as a recreational area with a large swimming pool and bleachers into an urban oasis with pathways and nooks for reflection.

Recent Exhibits

  • Gallery view of the "Fear of the Unknown" exhibit.

    ‘Ewa Gallery

    Fear of the Unknown

    Experience the 34 contemplative artworks that remind us of fear's ever-presence in the human life by walking through our new exhibit Fear of the Unknown.

  • ‘Ewa Gallery

    Creatures & Characters

    Highlights a variety of narrative artworks from the collection. Through a diverse mix of media and artistic approaches, the depictions of creatures and characters suggest stories and ideas that unfold in surprising, unusual, and amusing ways.

  • The POD

    Under the Blue

    Dive deep down to the bottom of the ocean with us in this interactive space. Discover who dwells beneath the surface of the sea and what adventures abound far below the waves!

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